T.V. At night

There’s two very different sides to this story. On one hand there is “blue light” that comes off of led screens and can keep your body from producing melatonin.

However on the other hand, screens are everywhere. Almost impossible to keep the light from reaching your eyes. What’s more important  is that depending what sort of life you lead. Some tv at night can be a real asset towards unwinding.

My most important piece of advice… Don’t beat yourself up about the small things.


Cold Showers


Cold showers have got to be one of the Best kept secret’s that I’ve ever found. There are so many famous and rich and successful people that use cold showers in their daily routine. I know that for me it has changed my life significantly. I started using cold showers about six months ago and I’m never going back.

Everyone does it differently but what I found works for me, is to go into a hot shower for about five minutes, and then make it drastically colder for about two minutes, and then go back to about a minute or two of hot water, and then go back to cold for about a minute and get out after it’s cold.

Doing this jumpstarts your nervous system, it awakens your mind and calms to your body. And apparently it also activates your layer of brown fat which is close to your body which helps you burn more calories and have a higher metabolism. Google that shit it’s pretty Cray

Daily Meditation

There’s an app you can get on your phone that is called ”Insight Timer”. Its a way to track your daily meditation practices. It sets a timer that will motivate you to just relax and let yourself go. It also has a cool feature that lets you meditate with lots of other people at the same time. When you’re done with your meditation session, it tells you who you’ve just meditated with. And at that point, you’re welcome to request those people as friends and then continue perhaps setting a time to sit and meditate with these people everyday. Give it a shot. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


Chlorella has many very real health Benefits, including reducing inflammation (the main cause of every bad thing that can happen to your body, your body becomes inflamed from breaking things down and from destroying bad toxic substances. After intense use and years of breakdown your body needs to extricate all the bad stuff out. From your breath, to your sweat, your urine and feces. It wants to eliminate as much as possible. and the best way to do this is to eat the right stuff that makes this process executed as flawlessly as possible. Its fairly inexpensive and you can start but just ADDING it to whatever you already eat. It is worth the small price. Go to Amazon. Get Healthy!

Spending Time On Yourself

Remember that your body is like a car, and your brain is a computer, you have to spend time maintaining your body and mind and making sure they’re getting the right stuff. This way you’ll be at optimum performance for whatever comes your way.

And personally I’ve always thought that one of the most noble goals in lifestyle transformation is to try and increase both will power and attention span.

This response in your brain can be positive, but also negative. There are triggers that increase will power and overall vitality and strength.

Including nutrition, sleep performance, overall fitness and heart and sex strength.

Stones and gems

So my whole life I’ve heard about the powers of stones and gems. There’s loads of information out there in the world about the facts and myths that surround earthly stones.

When I look at anything in life, I try to have a completely open opinion and try to think in realistic scientific sense.

And here’s what I have to say… Maybe they have powerful magic. Maybe not so much. But I’ll tell you this. There are plants, of thousands of different variations. There are thousands and animals that have grown on this planet. Therefore. I believe there has got to be a reason that there is so many different types of stones and gems that surround this globe. Why were they created? Why are there so many kinds. There must be a purpose for them. What do you think?

Open focus meditation

Have you ever had a really long night at work…? And you were really in it, in the zone?. And you go hangout with friends after work, and you just feel terrific. You get out of work and it feels like a brand new life.

It’s because you were doing “open focus-meditation” without even knowing.
When you’re in “the zone” and just totally enthralled in what you’re doing. You brain is spending that time organizing subconscious thoughts and doesn’t need to “worry” about anything. The more Time you spend in the zone, the less worry and anxiety you have.

Bulletproof coffee and titanium tea

so for the past 2 weeks I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee and different versions of a titanium tea. Mixing both of these drinks with coconut oil and grass fed butter has definitely changed how I feel, not only in the morning. But all day long.

Look up the recipe and give it a shot and tell me what you think

Alpha Brain

If you’ve heard the Joe Rogan podcast, or just haven’t been under a rock the last 10 years, then I’m sure you’ve heard about Nootropics. Basically brain nutrients.

In other countries around the world there’s thousands of plant nutrients that WE, as Americans, just don’t get. We’re used to Ginseng, Caffeine, and Refined sugar. Which all have different affects on our brains, along with our body and nervous system.

Some of the best herbs in the world are in Alpha Brain. Even trying it once is worth the investment. How much money have you spent on coffee and tea in the last month? Spend the $40 and give these a try. You will fall in love with them and maybe even start getting into other Nootropics as well.

Start with Alpha Brain, see how  it goes and get ready to get to experience a whole new world of natural nutrients for your brain and body.

The dangers of living well!

There’s always two sides of a coin. And there’s actually a downside to living well and being a strong and unique enduring individual. The truth is. That along the way of this fast running path of excellence. People you love will not be able to stay beside you the whole time. They will stumble and fall and not be able to stay with you. At least not at the same pace