November diet plan overview

My current diet/nutrition plan for November 2016

For whole grains I have
Organic 14 grain bread
Organic oats for oatmeal
Organic long grain brown rice
Organic whole wheat pasta

For organic grass fed animal product
Grass fed organic yogurt
Organic grass fed butter
Organic beef and chicken
Organic free range local eggs
Organic free range turkey bacon
Grass fed whey protein shakes

For fruits and vegetables I have
Apples, Strawberries, blueberries etc.
Potatoes, spinach,dark greens, broccoli

(I don’t have a lot of different fruit and vegetables that I eat. But I eat a lot of the ones listed above. At least 2-3 servers a day of each up there)

I’m reasonably strict with what I eat.

I get relatively 150g of protein a day
200-300g of carbs
And over 100g of fat