How to Change Habits

Habits are like water running through a river or stream. The ones you’ve had for years, both good and bad have made easy to move pathways through your brain. Information flowing at the quickest possible speed that it can. This is the way of the universe. When you’ve been smoking for a long time, or eating bad food, or doing drugs. Your brain has made very fast information streams down these places in your brain.

In order to break habits, you must MAKE habits. This means next time you want a cigarette, or junk food, or to be lazy and watch tv. Start small. Do something like 10 push ups, or just walking outside for some fresh air.

Remember, you can remodel a stream or redirect a river all at once, it takes many days and many stones to be moved. So start small and keep it small, before you know it the river will be flowing in the direction you desire. At this point, it will become easier to move the bigger stones until BAM! You’ve redirected the whole dam thing!