A New Beginning

So its been quite a while since I’ve written here. And there’s good reason for that, its been a long way coming. I’ve sort of turned a new leaf, and I kind of feel like this is the ‘first day of my life’ as Mr. conor oberst would put it.

Here’s who I am, and here what I do. I spend most of my waking hours diving as deep as I can into the vast world of nutrition, lifestyle design, biohacking, the universe, life, religion, scientific research, and the truth about topics I’ve come to appreciate. Now I need them like oxygen into my lungs. I have this thirst for the truth. I am not ashamed to falter, I am not afraid to fail or to look silly or wrong, I just want the truth. For me, for my daughter and children yet to come, for my friends and family and for the data in the overall human collective. There are layers to things, there are so many doors to open. and because of the age of the internet, we are able to get as close to truth as humanly possible. People used to say, well if you heard it on the internet, it must be true, and yet they would take the advice or words of a teacher or professor, or better yet, a parent as pure gospel. Why? because that’s what our culture, and our biology is accustomed to. If you cant completely trust your parents and family on the truths about the world, who can you trust? the answer is yourself. I no longer take what someone I love or care about says to mind without first doing my due diligence. the truth is, most people are wrong. a person can be smart, but people are dumb. and I for one, want the truth. so no, I wont listen to my parents, I wont listen to my teachers, I wont listen to my elders. that would be sheepish. What I will do is take all of the advice and information I’ve ever been given. ill search the web, dive deep into google, study every YouTube video, read every book, listen to every podcast and turn every corner of this vast wide world, and once I’ve gotten every source, I then can make my own consensus about what is truth. I will do this without fear, without pride, without my inner believes blocking my better judgement. I wasn’t put here to believe the things my kin thought me. I was put here to find the truth and tell it to my kids and hope they search for themselves. only each time it getting more and more clear who we are, why we’re here, and how things work.

I’m only 26. but I thought I was quite alone with a lot of ideas that I had before I found the online/worldwide community at large. because simply, there are only a few hundred people, I’ve gotten close to and learned from in this life. which is great, but few of them were curated but the brutal world of truth and strength all around us. I only want to/can learn from people who themselves have cut through a lot of the bullshit and spent a great deal of time, money, and effort to figure out the truth. During this blog there will be many things that you can debate, that you can agree or disagree with. and that’s the point, to have a conversation, to put the work out there. only then will truth prevail. I want to be battled, I want to be tested.

From the planets colliding to bacteria evolving. War, and battle are just words we’ve given to progress through stress. So I will draw my sword and head into the fray.