Open focus meditation

Have you ever had a really long night at work…? And you were really in it, in the zone?. And you go hangout with friends after work, and you just feel terrific. You get out of work and it feels like a brand new life.

It’s because you were doing “open focus-meditation” without even knowing.
When you’re in “the zone” and just totally enthralled in what you’re doing. You brain is spending that time organizing subconscious thoughts and doesn’t need to “worry” about anything. The more Time you spend in the zone, the less worry and anxiety you have.

Bulletproof coffee and titanium tea

so for the past 2 weeks I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee and different versions of a titanium tea. Mixing both of these drinks with coconut oil and grass fed butter has definitely changed how I feel, not only in the morning. But all day long.

Look up the recipe and give it a shot and tell me what you think