The Matrix

In the future, lets say 500 years, if and when we’re still alive. I believe it will be quite similar a scenario to the original Matrix movie “We” will be in a large ship Flying around the cosmos exploring and meeting new things. But when I say we, here’s what I think it will look like. Maybe anywhere from 10-1000 people ”running” the ship in day to day operations. But in the ship, inside the computers, Where there are billions and billions of ”people” stored in virtual reality lives that look quite similar to…well, anything you’d like actually. you might live in a world that looks like 2016, but you could also live in a world that looks like 1650. But you wouldn’t get to choose. You wouldn’t even know. you would just be there, living. it would feel exactly the same as what we’re doing know.

Lets see, if you were to sum up everything in your brain that was ”you”. Your personality, your memories, your traits. You know, all the things that are unique to you. Even what you think. All of that information can be replicated artificially. So basically. Youd go to sleep, wake up in a new body. and you’d never even know.

If you haven’t seen the Matrix, Go watch the Matrix.