How do I know that I’ve been in love? well, for one thing, I can’t even begin to describe the utmost sincerity I have for the word. It’s nothing to be toyed with. Here’s the beauty, you ready?

We are animals, we are the most successful animals. We are a sexual animal, we enjoy the act. We do it by ourselves, that’s how much we covet “sex” our ability to procreate. Our life, like all life has 1 core “purpose” to keep going. It’s not even survival. Survival doesn’t even matter, as long as you keep going, it doesn’t matter if you survive. Cause no one survives anyway.

So what about love? Well love is an emotion that we feel that makes THAT core act of multiply, it makes it something that you can yearn for and focus on. Even if the person you plan to multiply with is far from you. Love will make you trace the world in a boat. Or leap from the behind a bush to save your “lovers” life. Love can make anything worth it.