Energy In the Universe

To me I feel like life in the universe is like a giant ball of energy surrounded by something and outside that sheild, grass grows and the energy inside the ball makes the grass grow and when the grass gets too long or gets hurt or gets cut new grass grows where the grass was. And the cycle goes on forever and even after the grass completely disappears something else urges to grow of of the sphere of energy. And thus our entire universe is composed of the simple fact that something decided to happen and of the root of it there is no answer there always be a question after the last answer. As Richard Dawkins says if you believe in a creator then you must postulate about how the creator was designed as well because nothing complex can come out of nothing. It has to be something built behind the has to be a blueprint there has to be a groundwork a mathematical equation that explains at least somewhat of maybe not why but how something has apparently decided to unravel itself in a realistic form.