Automate My Small Business

So I’ve Spent the last few years scowering the internet looking for what people call ”making money online”. Which is a much deep rabbit whole that I ever would have guessed. Just like anything, on the surface it seems either lame, or a scam. Making money without going into a job? Making money from your phone or your computer? Well let me just start by saying that there are in fact, Tens of Thousands of people, maybe even millions who solely make money online. Some have big business that bring in millions, some make $8/Hour, and everything in between.
And then I ran into this podcast. Called Automate My Small Business Podcast. Which has changed the way I look at my future. These guys do something that I think must be the newest most amazing form of either starting yourself in business, and/or setting yourself up so that you never have to work again. And its Legit. Here’s what they do.

They very uniquely test a product online, to see if and how much it will sell, before even spending any real money on the idea. Then once they start making a decent profit, they automate all the skills that they were using to accomplish all the tasks leading to money in the bank. Then they can either choose to spend time ‘owning’ the business and growing it. Or, they just sit back and watch it make money. They do this over and over again.

Lets do the math. If you could figure out how to make $100 a day online selling a product, that probably wouldn’t be that hard. What also wouldn’t be that hard is figuring out how to teach someone else to do the steps you’re doing and take the work off your hands entirely. Then what if you did this 3 more times, and started making a simple $300 a day Automated. That’s roughly 100k a year without having to work anymore. If this sounds crazy, I know, when I first heard it blew my mind. But now you have two choices. You can go back to your crappy job and be bitter. Or you can download podcasts on your phone and subscribe to Automate My Small Business Podcast and just listen to what these guys have to say.

Let me also say, that what they do is not EASY, but what they do seems to me to be the most realistic way of approaching business in todays fast paced world. Doing what they do you don’t have quit your job, you can put in a few good hours here and there and basically hack the new online economy and bypass the lottery and automate your income.