Sex and Testosterone

So everything I’ve found online about sex and masturbation and testosterone levels are very lame. Most people are just so for the argument that sex only has positive Consequences for testosterone, motivation and overall chi and energy. And that’s modern science. If you
Look into ancient medicine, the ancients knew that your sexual abstinence and everything that includes, actually has a profound affect on our bodies, our minds and our lives. The most important thing to do, is to listen to your own body and go from there. Personally I know that my week, my moods, my energy, what things I accomplish, how I wake up, and how I go to bed…are all very much affected by how much of my sexual energy I have used up.
Hell… I can do TWICE the number of Push ups and pull ups if I haven’t had sex in a week. This is all just advice. Get all the information and make your own decision