Does Weed Make You Lazy?

A lot of people with surely give you a lot of different answers. Here’s my short opinion. Yes of course pot makes you lazy, depending on how often, how much, and when you smoke. If you’re a go getter and you’re active and you exercise and accomplish tasks on time, and all that jazz, you May never experience laziness attached to getting High. But for some people, it can ruin your life. Make you lazy, keep you lazy. You wake up. Smoke a joint. Lay In bed and watch the tv. With no motivation. I’d say…. It’s hard to “find” motivation when you’re getting High all day. But I don’t think it’s hard to “keep” motivation once you have it, no matter how much weed you smoke. If anything, it will probably motivate you more. I know that for me, if I have a plan and already know how to execute it. Weed doesn’t really hinder that. I’m fact the way that I learned to love music is from weed. There’s a connection between weed and music that transcends anything else I’ve found in life.