Automate My Small Business

So I’ve Spent the last few years scowering the internet looking for what people call ”making money online”. Which is a much deep rabbit whole that I ever would have guessed. Just like anything, on the surface it seems either lame, or a scam. Making money without going into a job? Making money from your phone or your computer? Well let me just start by saying that there are in fact, Tens of Thousands of people, maybe even millions who solely make money online. Some have big business that bring in millions, some make $8/Hour, and everything in between.
And then I ran into this podcast. Called Automate My Small Business Podcast. Which has changed the way I look at my future. These guys do something that I think must be the newest most amazing form of either starting yourself in business, and/or setting yourself up so that you never have to work again. And its Legit. Here’s what they do.

They very uniquely test a product online, to see if and how much it will sell, before even spending any real money on the idea. Then once they start making a decent profit, they automate all the skills that they were using to accomplish all the tasks leading to money in the bank. Then they can either choose to spend time ‘owning’ the business and growing it. Or, they just sit back and watch it make money. They do this over and over again.

Lets do the math. If you could figure out how to make $100 a day online selling a product, that probably wouldn’t be that hard. What also wouldn’t be that hard is figuring out how to teach someone else to do the steps you’re doing and take the work off your hands entirely. Then what if you did this 3 more times, and started making a simple $300 a day Automated. That’s roughly 100k a year without having to work anymore. If this sounds crazy, I know, when I first heard it blew my mind. But now you have two choices. You can go back to your crappy job and be bitter. Or you can download podcasts on your phone and subscribe to Automate My Small Business Podcast and just listen to what these guys have to say.

Let me also say, that what they do is not EASY, but what they do seems to me to be the most realistic way of approaching business in todays fast paced world. Doing what they do you don’t have quit your job, you can put in a few good hours here and there and basically hack the new online economy and bypass the lottery and automate your income.

Energy In the Universe

To me I feel like life in the universe is like a giant ball of energy surrounded by something and outside that sheild, grass grows and the energy inside the ball makes the grass grow and when the grass gets too long or gets hurt or gets cut new grass grows where the grass was. And the cycle goes on forever and even after the grass completely disappears something else urges to grow of of the sphere of energy. And thus our entire universe is composed of the simple fact that something decided to happen and of the root of it there is no answer there always be a question after the last answer. As Richard Dawkins says if you believe in a creator then you must postulate about how the creator was designed as well because nothing complex can come out of nothing. It has to be something built behind the has to be a blueprint there has to be a groundwork a mathematical equation that explains at least somewhat of maybe not why but how something has apparently decided to unravel itself in a realistic form.


How do I know that I’ve been in love? well, for one thing, I can’t even begin to describe the utmost sincerity I have for the word. It’s nothing to be toyed with. Here’s the beauty, you ready?

We are animals, we are the most successful animals. We are a sexual animal, we enjoy the act. We do it by ourselves, that’s how much we covet “sex” our ability to procreate. Our life, like all life has 1 core “purpose” to keep going. It’s not even survival. Survival doesn’t even matter, as long as you keep going, it doesn’t matter if you survive. Cause no one survives anyway.

So what about love? Well love is an emotion that we feel that makes THAT core act of multiply, it makes it something that you can yearn for and focus on. Even if the person you plan to multiply with is far from you. Love will make you trace the world in a boat. Or leap from the behind a bush to save your “lovers” life. Love can make anything worth it.

Tim Ferriss

If you don’t know who Tim Ferriss is, you haven’t been paying attention. He’s an Entrepreneur, he’s Indiana Jones in a Journalist body, with a Willy Wonka like sense of wonderment. He stretches the boundaries of what’s real and what’s possible, He’s one of my personal heroes. He is Most Famous for his Best Selling Book ”the four hour work week”. Among other Best Selling titles. He is probably most famous for his blog and his podcast, in which he interviews loads of Famous and World Class Successful People.

The Matrix

In the future, lets say 500 years, if and when we’re still alive. I believe it will be quite similar a scenario to the original Matrix movie “We” will be in a large ship Flying around the cosmos exploring and meeting new things. But when I say we, here’s what I think it will look like. Maybe anywhere from 10-1000 people ”running” the ship in day to day operations. But in the ship, inside the computers, Where there are billions and billions of ”people” stored in virtual reality lives that look quite similar to…well, anything you’d like actually. you might live in a world that looks like 2016, but you could also live in a world that looks like 1650. But you wouldn’t get to choose. You wouldn’t even know. you would just be there, living. it would feel exactly the same as what we’re doing know.

Lets see, if you were to sum up everything in your brain that was ”you”. Your personality, your memories, your traits. You know, all the things that are unique to you. Even what you think. All of that information can be replicated artificially. So basically. Youd go to sleep, wake up in a new body. and you’d never even know.

If you haven’t seen the Matrix, Go watch the Matrix.

Stones and Gems

So my whole life I’ve heard about the powers of stones and gems. There’s loads of information out there in the world about the facts and myths that surround earthly stones.

When I look at anything in life, I try to have a completely open opinion and try to think in realistic scientific sense.

And here’s what I have to say… Maybe they have powerful magic. Maybe not so much. But I’ll tell you this. There are plants, of thousands of different variations. There are thousands and animals that have grown on this planet. Therefore. I believe there has got to be a reason that there is so many different types of stones and gems that surround this globe. Why were they created? Why are there so many kinds. There must be a purpose for them. What do you think?

5-HTP and L-Tyrosine

5-htp and L-tyrosine
Are supplements that make up serotonin and dopamine. Both of which are essential to life and living well.
Jim Carey is well known for using these two products to get him out of his depression.

So many people use prescription medicine to change the way they feel and try the best they can to leave a normal life.

Because these are not natural, they can have huge side effects. I mean, just listen to the side effects on one of those depression medication commercials. These are no jokes, sometimes the side effects are worse than the original reason you’re taking them. So go
Natural. And try these and many other supplements out. YouTube or google about 5-htp and L-tyrosine. They are a great addition to your diet. And especially great if your in a low point in life.

Sex and Testosterone

So everything I’ve found online about sex and masturbation and testosterone levels are very lame. Most people are just so for the argument that sex only has positive Consequences for testosterone, motivation and overall chi and energy. And that’s modern science. If you
Look into ancient medicine, the ancients knew that your sexual abstinence and everything that includes, actually has a profound affect on our bodies, our minds and our lives. The most important thing to do, is to listen to your own body and go from there. Personally I know that my week, my moods, my energy, what things I accomplish, how I wake up, and how I go to bed…are all very much affected by how much of my sexual energy I have used up.
Hell… I can do TWICE the number of Push ups and pull ups if I haven’t had sex in a week. This is all just advice. Get all the information and make your own decision

Does Weed Make You Lazy?

A lot of people with surely give you a lot of different answers. Here’s my short opinion. Yes of course pot makes you lazy, depending on how often, how much, and when you smoke. If you’re a go getter and you’re active and you exercise and accomplish tasks on time, and all that jazz, you May never experience laziness attached to getting High. But for some people, it can ruin your life. Make you lazy, keep you lazy. You wake up. Smoke a joint. Lay In bed and watch the tv. With no motivation. I’d say…. It’s hard to “find” motivation when you’re getting High all day. But I don’t think it’s hard to “keep” motivation once you have it, no matter how much weed you smoke. If anything, it will probably motivate you more. I know that for me, if I have a plan and already know how to execute it. Weed doesn’t really hinder that. I’m fact the way that I learned to love music is from weed. There’s a connection between weed and music that transcends anything else I’ve found in life.

Drink More Water

Your body really does need more water than you think. If you don’t wake up feeling great, start with water. If you’re not used to drinking a lot of water. It may feel slightly strange at first. But if drink a half gallon of water in a 24 hour period, then you really need to start doing it. Try drinking a gallon of water in 1 day. What will happen?

The first thing you
Will notice is that you will be thirsty for water the next day more than you’re used to. And the reason is because you’ve told your body that you are near plenty of water and it can start acting as if it is safe and doesn’t have to be as alert and can relax and heal you. No joke. Google it. This is what happens. But hey if you walk around feeling like heaven then you can ignore this advice. But if that’s not the case. Start with water.