Alpha Brain

If you’ve heard the Joe Rogan podcast, or just haven’t been under a rock the last 10 years, then I’m sure you’ve heard about Nootropics. Basically brain nutrients.

In other countries around the world there’s thousands of plant nutrients that WE, as Americans, just don’t get. We’re used to Ginseng, Caffeine, and Refined sugar. Which all have different affects on our brains, along with our body and nervous system.

Some of the best herbs in the world are in Alpha Brain. Even trying it once is worth the investment. How much money have you spent on coffee and tea in the last month? Spend the $40 and give these a try. You will fall in love with them and maybe even start getting into other Nootropics as well.

Start with Alpha Brain, see how  it goes and get ready to get to experience a whole new world of natural nutrients for your brain and body.

The dangers of living well!

There’s always two sides of a coin. And there’s actually a downside to living well and being a strong and unique enduring individual. The truth is. That along the way of this fast running path of excellence. People you love will not be able to stay beside you the whole time. They will stumble and fall and not be able to stay with you. At least not at the same pace

Buy a Fitbit Now!

Buy a Fitbit Now! So I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say, it has changed the way I live. It tracks when I sleep, when I wake up, how many relative calories I’ve burned, and how many steps/miles I’ve walked. I also like how you can track your runs and compete with friends and strangers for distance each day. Its one of the little inexpensive things that can really change your lifestyle. Its well worth the $100. Motivation costs money, no matter how you slice it. So get to Amazon and just buy one. If you hate it, Return in. Duh! Fitbit for life

Why Superfoods?

So you may be wondering what all the hype about superfoods is about. Pay attention and I’ll give you a brief overview on what superfoods are and why they should become a staple in your diet next to water and air.

Super foods are the most highly nutrient dense foods on the planet. This means that pound for pound, ounce for ounce, superfoods pack the most punch. For instance, when you eat a value meal at a chain burger place, your body is looking for proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and other required nutrients for your bodies growth and development. NOW… when you’re eating processed foods, what’s happening is there is a lot of FILLER, and unneeded carbs, proteins and fats, and more importantly, not the correct type of these macro-nutrients, so your body takes a lifetime to digest them and then stores the rest, basically using the lowest grade of fuel for your body. Eat lighter, eat better, eat superfoods. You’ll live longer and more importantly you’ll feel better today and tomorrow.