Health Food and your kids

What is it you really want for your kids? What things in your kids life can you actually control? For me, its my kids Nutrition. They are 100% unable to feed themselves. Which means that it is 100% your responsibility to make smart decisions for your child’s health and well being. This stems from when kids are small and growing the most, Brain and Body. But also when your kids are becoming Adolescents and are learning who they are as people in the world. Let me tell you something that you may or may not know… They NEED Nutrition. They need it everyday. they need it in many forms. These are the Products I give my kids. Its a simple way to make sure that they are getting at least 1 meal everyday with all the REAL essentials they need. This is not boost, or ensure. This is Earths natural SUPERFOODS. Its no complicated. Drink these smoothies and debate it later. All superfoods are good for you, These are just the brands that I like. Lately I’ve been eating Sunfood Superfoods.