Why eat superfoods? That’s a good question. The basic idea is that your body spends a lot of time digesting extra food that you put into your body. There truly is a certain amount of food that your body needs during a day. It fluctuates only as much as your daily load fluctuates. If you wake up, go for a run. come home, clean your house, go to the gym, do a full 1 hour workout, come home, work on your business for 3 hours and then go to your day job as a bartender and walk around keeping conversation with people for 8 to 10 hours and then come home and work another hour on your business. All while keeping a house hold in order and dishes and laundry done, and the kids are in school, and they get to the doctor and you donate to the poor, all while studying different topics throughout the day. Youre going to need a certain amount of nutrition.