Avoiding Sugar

Depending on what your diet looks, you probably are getting your fair share amount of sugar. Especially processed sugar. Like in candy and cakes and sodas and ice cream. Most people don’t realize that sugar makes you fat. And you get fat by not eating fat. And by eating way too many processed simple carbs. Google it and start adding fats. Coconut oil. Avocados. Organic nuts and grass fed butter.

Going to the gym everyday


This is what I continue to tell myself everyday going to the gym. Just show up. Whether it hurts or its inconvenient. Or whether it’s late. Or you already went that day. Just show up. I think it’s the simplest thing I’ve learned about lifestyle design so far. If you want to get better. To grow. To build. The first step is you just have to show up. Everything else gets way easier after that. Think about it. You want to run a mile. Once you put on your shorts and shoes and go outside. You’ve shown up. Now it’s way easier. If you want to get fit, sleep better, eat better, think better? You just have to show up at the gym.

And don’t ever let someone tell you it’s not smart to go to the gym everyday. Those people are lazy and weak. It’s not smart to go ham on the same muscle group for hours a day. Everyday. But showing up at the gym? Every. Single. Day. Is the smartest thing you can do with your life. Just make sure you’re getting proper rest and health nutrition. Train like an Athlete. Eat like a Nutritionist. Work like a Billionaire. Sleep like a baby.

November diet plan overview

My current diet/nutrition plan for November 2016

For whole grains I have
Organic 14 grain bread
Organic oats for oatmeal
Organic long grain brown rice
Organic whole wheat pasta

For organic grass fed animal product
Grass fed organic yogurt
Organic grass fed butter
Organic beef and chicken
Organic free range local eggs
Organic free range turkey bacon
Grass fed whey protein shakes

For fruits and vegetables I have
Apples, Strawberries, blueberries etc.
Potatoes, spinach,dark greens, broccoli

(I don’t have a lot of different fruit and vegetables that I eat. But I eat a lot of the ones listed above. At least 2-3 servers a day of each up there)

I’m reasonably strict with what I eat.

I get relatively 150g of protein a day
200-300g of carbs
And over 100g of fat

Spreading the Word!!!

I wish I could make some of the famous people around our country know the truth about the connection between suicide and depression and violence and shootings and racism and all these thing being based off of nutrition and lifestyle. I wish they would put their money toward the education of nutrition on kids and teens and really make people more equipped to handle the real world. In my opinion, they should be focusing much more on nutrition and lifestyle design than any other aspect of school. Learning all of this awesome stuff means nothing if you don’t know how to properly fuel the vehicle that carries all the knowledge. Its much easier to take action in the world around you when you have a good steady routine diet. Lets spread the word. That’s my main goal. To do the little I can at the moment to spread the word on healthy lifestyle decisions.

The Wim Hof Breathing Method

There are many variations of breathing exercises that people do. One of my personal favorites is the ‘Wim Hoff’ method. Basically you’re using deep breathing techniques to open your body, lungs, blood vessels etc. By using his method. You can make the body more aware of how much oxygen each cell can handle. And it will compound itself into other things you do. The walking you do later that day, and the workout at the gym, or the sleep you get tonight will be greatly improved by opening up your body with this famous breathing technique.

The Future of Humanity

So the Universe. So vast, so unconceivably large in all ways and dimensions. What is the point?? Well there cant really be a ”point” right? that wouldn’t make any sense. But what we do know is that it (whatever it is) is progressive. The universe is constantly changing and evolving into something new. Even this right now, is the universe creating me all whilst discussing and yes! thinking about itself. What a concept. Its all just fractals. Small and smaller and larger and larger.

Evolution is picking up speed. It created us. and soon we will create immortal life forms using technology and robots. We will build an artificial intelligence and take over the Galaxy!

Naturally Curing ADD

I’ve always had ADD as long as I can remember, and let me tell you its not an easy battle to fight. The severity of your ADD can change from day to day with the foods that you eat and the kind of lifestyle you lead.

For me, ive noticed that both dairy and gluten have an affect on how long my attention span is. People want to go about their day pretending that will power is just something you can summon. When will power is quite the opposite. It is a finite energy source. It has been proven that there are only so many decisions you can make in a single waking cycle before you have completely no interest left in the subject at hand. You must craft and grow your will power abilities.

Things like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and YouTube and Netflix have this very seductive way about them. They can pull you in to no end. Taking up all of your attention. And just like anyone would imagine. If you get used to watching three minute videos on Facebook and YouTube or 4 seconds of looking at a picture and DECIDING what that picture or video means to you, That’s going to become your norm. So now we all have 3 Minute attention spans.

Meanwhile we’re not even paying good attention to the thing we are trying to do. Every time you scroll down social media feed. You are doing just that. Feeding. Feeding from an endless stream of content which sole purpose is to KEEP you feeding and always wanting more. Until you’re just a blob on your couch or on your bed. Until you’re trolling Facebook throughout your regular day. using up your focus and decision and will power tokens.

You must step away from this madness in order to gain your attention span back. You don’t want to have to rely on your will power to keep you going. Its just not that strong. that’s not what its supposed to be doing. Its supposed to keep you alive and not focused on one thing till you forget to eat and  you die. So you need to out smart it and look for real ways to IMPOROVE your attention span. Make it LONGER. Make it more dialed in. This means total focus with NO distractions.

Should you eat meat or not?

I personally have eaten meat my whole life. I’ve never once tried being a vegetarian for even a week. But now I’m trying to optimize my life and potential. So I decided that perhaps beginning to get meat out of my diet might be good, if not great, for me!

From a Biological standpoint. The path of least resistance makes the stream flow the fastest. So the more nutrients for the least amount of digestion is the Main goal of optimal nutrition.

Why not to be Vegan

Here’s my overall take on the task of being vegan.

1. There is nothing wrong with being vegan.

2. However, a vegan diet must be the strictest of diets.

3. There’s so many foods that you can’t eat when you’re a vegan, that you must make sure you are eating lots and lots of natural vegan food.

4. Remember, a gorilla eats only plants. But they spend 75% of their day chewing food.


1. Dark Chocolate
2. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios
3. Eggs and Bacon
4. Grass fed burgers and saurkraut
5. Oats
6. Grass fed whey protein
7. Leafy greens
8. Beet Juice
9. Chicken and rice
10. Apples and blueberries